Guytel works with the Ottawa Takeback program as a drop off and process trough Electronic Recycling Association "ERA "

We take anything IT and telephone related working or not (even parts)

Drop off at 184 Hopewell, Ottawa - side door - please call first 613-232-1611x3 

Computer equipment

Phone equipment

Network equipment

Audio/video equipment

Wiring, Ac adapters 

No appliances 

Recycle all of the equipment that cannot be reused, in accordance with Provincial Stewardship programs

Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) (https://www.era.ca/) They are an ISO certified Not for Profit organization that helps companies effectively manage their old, unwanted and surplus electronic/IT equipment (PCs, laptops, servers, PC parts, telephones, printers, wires, cords & cables, etc.) in an environmentally friendly and community minded manner since 2004. You can take a look at some of the charities they support with refurbished IT gear here (ERA Charities).

They collect anything IT-Telecom related: working or non-working. Then they refurbish them and donate to various charities and non-profit organizations.  Our key focus is to reuse retiring equipment wherever possible. We offer free pickup services which include comprehensive data security methods and collection reporting.     

Free data wiping services & certification

ERA can does a Secure data handling by batch for free of charge software data wipe of any hard drives, phones, etc. picked up. 

ERA can also providing at a cost an individual certificates for collected items and data security certificates wipes such as :

o   data wipe certificates,

o   hard drive destruction certificates (with serial numbers),

o   donation in kind receipts,

o   collection certificates,

o   serial number recording

o   collection certificates and more 

On-site/off-site unit physical destruction ($5 per HDD/tape) (take a look at their hard drive destruction units here: (ERA Hard Drive Shredder)

Please contact Guy Souliere prior drop off at 613-232-1611 ext 3