About Us

Brief History

Guytel has been providing telecom products and services in Ottawa since 1982.

Guy Souliere started Guytel in 1982 as a small home office business on 524 MacLaren Street in Ottawa, Ontario to service telephones and telephone answering equipment. Then 1990 we moved to a small service centre on 180 Catherine Street which the building is no longer there . Eventually in 1996 opened a retail store at 214 Bank Street, selling and servicing telephones and telephone equipment. Then outgrew that space in 1999 we bought our own building at 444 Bronson, selling and servicing telephones and telephone equipment to the Federal Government and Small business sector. Finally in 2019 gearing back down to a home office at 184 Hopewell . Transitioning to a technical sale agent to provide lower pricing and fast direct service .


As of 2020 we celebrating our 38th anniversary, we’re excited to launch a new direction for the business by forming Alliances with other businesses, we have formed this alliance with our trusted and reliable service and products supplier to mainly lower the selling cost and internal paperwork to provide faster knowledgeable service to you.

Telecommunications is a rapidly and constantly evolving field, in the past few decades we have seen many changes.

But 5 thing remains the same with Guytel :

  1. Innovative Service

  2. Knowledge through Experience

  3. Headset center in Ottawa

  4. The Guytel Guarantee

  5. Commitment to our customers

Please don't hesitate to contact one of our main two suppliers or if there is any service issue please call Guy at 613-232-1611


Offering quality Headset, Audio - Video Conferencing products and accessories

Call Center Products

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Offering Telecom and IT and network, On site service, installation, cabling, products and services.

Mac Communications

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